Monday, July 13, 2009

Just One Year

...ago today we got The Call.  It was a hot and sticky July Sunday afternoon and Mark and I were napping after church. 

The house phone rang.  We ignored it. 

My cell phone rang.  I pretended I couldn't hear it.  

Mark's cell phone rang.  I began to wonder if there was some kind of emergency.  I dragged myself out of my comfy nest and went to see who wanted to talk to us so much.  

It was a family coordinator with our agency: "Mark and Kimberly, we think we have a baby for you..."  I almost didn't make it through the call I was crying so hard.  It almost didn't seem real, that we were finally getting the Call we had hoped and prayed for for so long.  

Within minutes we opened up an e-mailed file and saw the face of our daughter for the very first time.  We knew immediately. 

She was tiny. 

She was beautiful.  

She would be ours.

On the one year anniversary of the referral of our daughter-- and every day--we are so thankful for the blessing of her.  It's hard to remember the time before we saw her face, knew her Chinese name, held her in our arms.  I remember the pain of the wait, but now it's like this dull ache; I can recall it but the pain is no longer acute.  We have days of great joy and times of challenge, but always, always love life with our Snickerdoodle.  

Well I just heard the news today 
It seems my life is going to change 
I closed my eyes, begin to pray 
Then tears of joy stream down my face 

With arms wide open 
Under the sunlight 
Welcome to this place 
I'll show you everything 
With arms wide open 
With arms wide open 
- With Arms Wide Open by Creed

  Anna Kathryn BoDi 
July 11, 2009

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