Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Here!!

Our Letter of Approval arrived today!!  It is so exciting to have the official adoption approval in hand.  It is already on it's way back to China... no wasting time on moving forward!

We are anticipating traveling to China in later February or early March.  Now we wait for immigration approvals from US*CIS and the Invitation to Travel from the CC*AA.  I'm glad we have lots of holidays to distract us from more waiting since March seems awfully far away!

Anna Kathryn is ready to go get her sister now.  We went out to dinner to celebrate (Cracker Barrel.  Sure hope Olivia develops a taste for biscuits and chicken and dumplings!)  and we told her at dinner.  She got SO excited- her eyes got real big, and her mouth made an "o" and she just said, "Ohhhhhh, Ting Ting, my sister!"

The best part is... we can finally start communicating with our girl!!!  And we believe the orphanage will tell her and begin to prepare her now, too.  Please be praying for her as she begins to learn about us, and faces so many changes to come.

Off to scope out Care Package options now... woo hoo!