Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three Little Words

Guess what they were? 

For the first time, Anna Kathryn said the words to me in response, rather than being prompted.

I'd just laid her down in her crib after tooth brushing, two stories, bedtime prayers, and some milk.  The past few nights we've had a popcorn and dance party after dinner.  We pop some popcorn and watch all the songs on The J*ungle Book.  (I'm going to try to catch some video of AK dancing this weekend because it is maybe the cutest thing EVER.) 

Anyway, as I laid her down she said, "Pop?  Jungle Book?"  

I said, "We'll do it again tomorrow night.  I love you." 

And Anna Kathryn said, "I love you." 

My mommy's heart absolutely overflowed.  Wow.  Such sweet words to hear.  She said it!!  

Edited to add: I just read this post.  How blessed I am to be able to hear my daughter tell me she loves me!  May I never take it for granted.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anna Kathryn!

Dear Anna Kathryn,

You are 2 years old today!  We celebrated you today:  with hugs and kisses, a cake, gifts, and more.  Even though you were sick, and we had to change our plans to have a quiet day at home, you had a great day announcing that you are now two years old!

Somehow, that seems terribly old.  Mommy thinks time is slipping by too fast.  

Two years ago, it was all different for all of us.  Daddy and I spent the day with family, at your cousin Natalie's memorial service.  It was such a sad day... we cried a thousand tears.  Halfway around the world, just as we said goodbye to our sweet Natalie, you were born.  Your Aunt Hillary and I believe she was watching over you as you were born, and as your China mommy said goodbye to you, and as you waited to be found.  We all lost part of our family that day, and yet, there was so much for us all to gain in the future.  God had a very specific plan for us to become a family.  Today I spent time talking with you a bit, about your China mommy and daddy, and how I think they are thinking of you today. How could they not?   I thought of them all day long.  I wish they could know what a wonder you are. 

There were a few rather sassy moments today that may not bode well for the days to come, but I'm blaming that on the fever and yucky congestion.  You definitely like to share your opinion and assert your independence whenever possible nowadays.  You are helpful and sweet, and proudly ask for things by saying "please," "thank you," and even responding "yes, ma'am."  You love reading books, and constantly demand, "Read, Mommy!"  I happily oblige.  Your babies are your favorite plaything these days, and you take very good care of them (other than letting them hang out naked a lot of the time!).   Bobo, your lovey, is always with you in any situation.  He is basically a member of the family these days.   You already know your colors, that "A" is for Anna, and how to jump very high.  

You are the utter delight of your daddy and me, every day.  What joy to celebrate you in a special way today!

Love, Mommy  

Pictures to come...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Well, October came and went in a blur of silly toddler moments, rainy & cool weather, and weekends that were just packed!  Most of the really fun stuff -- or at least the stuff worthy of a photo opp- happened at the end of the month.  

We visited the pumpkin patch on my birthday and had a fun time romping amidst the pumpkins and hay!

The girls with their choicest pumpkins.

I can jump now!

A hay maze, just the right size for the girls.  Maggie zipped right through and AK kept up with her!

 This year, AK wasn't quite as eager to be licked to death by the apparently starving goats and sheep in the petting zoo/barn.

The super sillies struck Anna Kathryn during our photo session:

Maggie might be immune to the sillies... or maybe she is just used to AK's wild ways!

Halloween was fun!  Anna Kathryn really enjoyed it this year-- last year she was too little to really join in the fun.  We had supper with Allison & co., then wrestled the girls into their costumes for trick-or-treating.  

The lion says, "Roar!!"  
AK's lion is a fancy lion-- note the necklace.  

Costumed girls, ready to trick-or-treat!
(BTW, have to brag:  I hit the costume jackpot at a local consignment store and paid just $7 for her lion costume!  A frugal costume is just as fun as a pricey one!)

It didn't take AK long to get the hang of this.

I've got to figure out a way to upload some audio of AK saying, "trick-or-treat" and "thank you."  Her voice is so high pitched and it is just the cutest. thing. ever. 
She barely noticed that she was pouring sweat since it was about 78 degrees and 100% humidity on Halloween night.

Sweet reward.  

I think I enjoyed the trick-or-treating as much-- or more-- than AK did.  I absolutely loved seeing her get so excited about seeing the other kids in their costumes, asking so sweetly at each door, and riding with Maggie in the wagon.  There are a lot of aspects of Halloween that Mark and I do not care for and work to avoid, but trick-or-treating was just plain fun.  

Hope you had a great Halloween!