Monday, March 10, 2008


As my dear, dear husband says, "It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind."  And I do... frequently!  My outfit for the day, what I want for dinner, and now my blog name.  I started a blog about 2 weeks ago at  I had big plans for that blog.  I wrote an opening post that two whole people read and commented on (thanks, Hillary and Allison!).  But I just couldn't seem to get around to writing a second post on it.  I really wasn't sure why I had this mental block about it... too tired? lazy? busy?  Then it hit me-- the name.  I just wasn't satisfied with the name.  I picked sunshine because that has been Mark's nickname for me since we first started dating, and ladybugs because they are a popular thing/symbol in the China adoption community, and I think they are cute.   When I picked that name and realized that it was available through Blogger, I figured I was good to go.  But, it seemed a little too cutesy  and generic.  Would the name really stand out in a crowd?  I wanted something more memorable and meaningful.  So, I kept thinking. 

Last weekend my sister Hillary and 4-year-old niece Emily came down from Virginia for a weekend visit.  We had lots and lots of fun and a great visit.  Friday night we enjoyed dinner together (chicken biscuit stew and apple pie) and just getting caught up.  Emily and "Uncle Marko Marko" romped and we all played Disney Memory and read Frog, Where Are You? -- one of our favorite books.  Saturday was busy:  lunch at Chick-Fil-A, buying new tennis shoes for Emily so she could run around safely, a trip to the park and Discovery Place, and finally dinner out at a Mexican restaurant with Caleb and Leslie (lots of talk of wedding plans).  Sunday we went to church, had lunch at home, and Emily and I got to hang out while Mark and Hillary took naps.  She also got to take a long nature walk with Uncle Mark while Hillary and I enjoyed an uninterrupted chat.  We ended the weekend with a trip to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. 

So, I was thinking about the weekend and how I get the biggest kick out of hearing Emily say "snickerdoodle," which is our little code word to get Mark to freeze and unfreeze when we play tag.  She can't say her R sounds yet, and it is the cutest thing.  I decided to somehow incorporate "snickerdoodle" into my new blog name, and Allison suggested "the crab" in honor of all the times I or my loved ones are cranky (never, of course.  Ha.)  Cute, not as generic, hopefully memorable when I start participating in the many many carnivals floating around in the world of blogs.   And, the name was not yet taken on Blogger.  It was meant to be, and so here I am.  


Hillary said...

I thought crab would be because it is always the crab game they are playing when Em screams out, "Snickadoodle!!". But either way, the name is great!! Your name is for Emily and you, two of my most favorite people!! Love you!

Kimberly said...

Hillary, it could definitely also be in honor of the now-infamous crab ("cwab") game!!!