Friday, June 20, 2008

We Are Through Review!!

We are finally out of review!!  In the world of international adoption from China, that means that nearly 18 months (as of July 5) after being logged in, our dossier has been reviewed by the CCAA and we made it through the process without being questioned or needing to provide additional documents.   If you want to know more about the review process, click here

This is a big milestone.  In the good old days, it would mean that a referral is only a few months away, but with the current state of affairs, this is not necessarily the case.  (sigh.)  The good news is that there is very little chance at this point the CCAA will tell our agency that we are not eligible to adopt for some reason.  And if we do receive and accept a referral for a Waiting Child, the process and time to travel is supposed to go more quickly since we are already through review.  I've been holding my breath a little knowing that we are supposed to be reviewed under the old regulations that were in place when we mailed off our dossier in December of 2006, and that we won't qualify under the new regs established in May 2007.  I was a little afraid that somehow we would not pass muster. 

It's a bit of an anti-climatic milestone, since we don't get a big old certificate or anything special to indicate we passed review,  except an e-mail from our agency saying that January 2007 dossiers are done.  It is very nice to see the news on the box that Rumor Queen keeps posted on her Web site now that it's no longer on the CCAA Web site.  It's still a major step in the process, and has given me a bit of renewed hope that someday we really will be on a plane to China to bring home our daughter.

Matching room, here we come!!

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