Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mama said there'd be days like this

This is what happens when Mama gets distracted and in a rush.  Or, the way things normally run at the House of the Snickerdoodle.

Tuesday, 5:45 AM:  Alarm rings.  I roll over and mentally start running through the day's schedule.  Yesterday was kinda blah, hoping today goes better.  Drag self out of comfy, cozy bed. 

5:58 AM:  I put in my contact lenses. and do not realize that the right one isn't all the way in my eye.  Feel lens on eyelashes and automatically blink.  Hear lens hit the sink.  Know instantly that it's gone down the drain.  10 minutes of searching with a flashlight proves my intuition is correct.  (I have had a new pair of lenses for only 10 days, and I wear gas permeable lenses, which have to be special ordered.  $50 down the drain, literally).

7:31 AM:  Driving Anna Kathryn to day care, since I will be taking her to the pediatrician for a well baby checkup later in the afternoon.  Mark calls me, panicked, since I have apparently taken both sets of car keys to the other car with me, and he is stranded.  

7:34 AM:  Mark calls me to say that Allison can swing back by the house and give him a ride to school.  Yay!  This will save me an extra half-hour of driving, on top of the hour it takes me to get to work when I take AK, since her day care is the opposite direction from my school.  Thank goodness.  

9:35 AM:  At work.  Literally sitting down for a long-planned and very necessary meeting with a co-worker.  Said co-worker is pulled away due to big emergency event.  

10:00 AM:  I manage to drop our inventory scanner on the floor and have a few panicked moments while I reinsert the battery and make sure it works.  It does, thankfully.  A replacement would be about $1700 and it's not in this year's budget!

3:15 PM:  I make it to AK's day care in record time and find out she's had a good day.  Finally, good news!

3:55 PM:  Arrive at the dr.'s office, after a restoring detour at Starbucks for an iced coffee.  Find out this is just a visit with a nurse for more immunizations, not the checkup I thought we had scheduled.  Oh.  I had kinda been planning to ask if we can save this round of vaccinations for the next visit, since poor little AK just assumes by now that every visit to the doctor will involve pain due to shots or bloodwork, and acts accordingly.  So much for that idea.  

5:01 PM:  2 shots, one hour,  and a good deal of crying later, finally exit doctor's office.  

5:15 PM:  Arrive home.  Mark calls and says he's invited Allison and Maggie for dinner.  I get AK and all our gear inside and start pulling out stuff for dinner. 

5:30 PM:  I reach into an upper cabinet to get a bowl out.  CRASH.  I manage to knock a small Pyrex bowl out of the cabinet and it shatters into smithereens on the counter and floor, and the stove, which already has a-- not covered-- pan of rice cooking.  

5:32 PM:  As, I sweep and vacuum, Mark suggests pizza for dinner.  No arguing here!  He offers to go get it, which is fine by me, since disaster is following me today.  And then he makes my evening 100% better by playing with the girls and doing the whole bath and bedtime routine with Anna Kathryn while I sat on the sofa with Allison, yakking and watching Inside Edition while eating Moose Tracks ice cream (which is clinically proven to improve any bad day).   What a guy!!

It really wasn't such a bad day, really.  Just full of calamity and disagreeable things.  Anne of Green Gables would call it a Jonah day.  

On days like this, it's nice to end it with moments like this one:

(Yes, I got a haircut.  It's short again and I am so very happy.  It's not lookin' so pretty in this picture, though.  More on haircuts in an upcoming post!)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kimmie, what a day. I think you need a break from Jonah days for a while. You certainly had a doozy of one! Isn't it amazing how a sweet hubby and a sweet baby can make the worst of days end well? Luv the pic. :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

But... but... but you're SMILING in that photo. Way to show up the rest of us! LOL. Seriously - what a doozy of a day. Tomorrow will be better - how can it possibly get worse?

Hillary said...

Oh, Momma! What a day!! Glad it ended on a happy note! Love you!

The Gang's Momma said...

Wow. What a day. I have those occasionally and feel like a cloud is following me. Like that little guy on Peanuts with the cloud of dirt. Pigpen? My sympathies!

Love the short hair on you - very cute.

E said...

So sorry that your day was such a bummer! Here's hoping that today is much, much calmer. Isn't it a blessing that we have such great hubbies and that they always seem to make things better?! Cute new 'do too :)

Kristi said...

Nothing that a little ice cream can't fix ~ I think I'll be helping myself tonight...