Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sorta Wordless Wednesday

Recently overheard at the House of the Snickerdoodle:

Me (pretending to hear the phone): "Ring, Ring!! Hello? Oh, hi Nana! Do you want to speak to Anna Kathryn? Ok, here she is!"

Anna Kathryn: "Ya ya ya ya! Mama mama mama! Buh-bye!!"

Repeat for at least 2 minutes, until the 14-month-old attention span turns elsewhere. Anna Kathryn loves to chat on her cell phone!


The Gang's Momma said...

LOVE IT! Li'l Empress does the same thing, "talking" with Grandpa and thumping herself on the head to imitate Grandpa saying "Paisan!" (He teaches it to all the grandkids and she definitely learned it the fastest - and loves to do it for us all!)

Does she imitate the phone perched on the shoulder holding it with her chin yet?!

Kristi said...

Cute stuff!

JB Williams said...

Look at that cute little tooth!!!

Nicole said...

That is one GREAT picture!!! Tell me, who doesn't love their Nana??

Anonymous said...

I love the pic...those cheeks are adorable!

Cyndi said...


Love all your blogs. When am I going to get to meet that cutie pie? She is adorable!