Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Blast 2009

Today we had our first snow day in a long time!!  Yesterday we got all excited about the possibility of snow when we heard the forecast.  Mark and I did our snow dance (think Elaine from Seinfeld crossed with the "Lawnmower") and Anna Kathryn looked at us like we were crazy.   I even wore my ancient and beloved wool snowflake sweater yesterday, which is my snow day good-luck charm.  Mark woke up at 3:30 and saw a few flakes but nothing much... but when the alarm went off at 5:45 there was lots of snow and school had been canceled!!

We got Anna Kathryn up, and showed her the snow falling outside.  She stared at the flakes for a while, intrigued.   After we had a family cuddle in our warm, cozy bed,  we ate breakfast and then began getting dressed in lots of layers to brave the cold.  Anna Kathryn was a little bit sweaty by the time she was all bundled up.  

She and Mark went sledding (no judging the cardboard "sled"!)...

Anna Kathryn and I made a snow angel:

And then we let her try to make a snow angel herself:

We also tried to build a snowman, but the snow was so powdery that it just fell apart.  

And she was curious about the snow....

...but really didn't want to actually touch the snow all that much.  Seems she and I are quite similar in our feeling about snow.  We love to watch it come down and enjoy being in it for about 10 minutes, then it's time to head indoors and break out the hot chocolate!!


E said...

Glad you got to enjoy what we seem to have in abundance here in Cleveland...SNOW! Claire loves to be pulled around on the sled and to watch the snow fall however she doesn't really like walking in it. The cold doesn't seem to bother her all that much, which is good since it has been in the teens and single digits the last few days! Stay warm and hope the snow day was great!!

Erin, Jeff and Claire

Leslie said...

Oh she is so cute! It looks like you had quite a lot! And snow days are always nice, aren't they? Hope you enjoyed your hot chocolate too, but where is the photo of that (from one family photographer to another :).

The Gang's Momma said...

Oh that hat is priceless! SOOOO CUTE.

We got 5" - on a holiday off school so the kids were NOT amused :) But it was too powdery to play in anyway, so they stayed in and played Wii. Glad you enjoyed the day off!

Susan said...

I've never thought of using cardboard for a sled! Glad you guys got some of what we had! Our kids missed the snow day too (but they did get a scheduled 4 day weekend so you can't complain too much). Stay warm!