Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Break part 3: Beauty Parlor

Anna Kathryn, Nana, and Pop-pop
December 2008

Anna Kathryn also had lots of time with her grandparents (my parents) during our trip.  Nana and Pop-pop are two of her very favorite people and she just reveled in all the attention and love they lavished on her.  My dad does the thing where he pops his cheek to make Anna Kathryn giggle. We call that "pop-popping," since that's also what all the grandchildren (well, the one that talks-- my niece, Emily!) call him.  Anna Kathryn very quickly picked up on this trick and will imitate him; if we talk to my dad on the phone that's what she does to indicate that she knows she's talking to him.  In fact, all we have to do is say "Pop-pop" and she pops her cheek.  She loves to read stories with her grandfather, snuggle on his lap. show him her treasures,  and look at his very cool model train layout.  

A special thing happened while we were with my folks over Easter: Anna Kathryn said "Nana" for the first time!  My mom was SO excited.  Anna Kathryn loves to play games, read stories and do puzzles on the floor with my mom.  Her very favorite thing to do with my mom is to ride on Nana's lap on her scooter.  (When she sees people on a scooter or in a wheelchair now, she always says "Nana!").  

So when Anna Kathryn decided it was time to play beauty partner, she had very willing victims, er, customers in Nana and Pop-pop.

Once Pop-pop was handsomely styled, it was time for Nana's makeover.  It is apparently necessary to chew on one's favorite towel as one does hair!  

Off topic (at least as far as spring break goes):  head over to Allison's blog to see all the fun Anna Kathryn and Maggie had yesterday!  It's beginning to feel a lot like summer!!

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Kristi said...

I bet your mom was eating out of AK's hand after she said Nana! I know that my mom melted the first time Kylie called her "Dahma!"