Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Break Rewind: Beach Baby

And now for a much brighter subject-- Anna Kathryn's first trip to the beach.  When we were in Florida last month visiting my parents, we spent the day in St. Augustine doing some of our favorite things... eating delicious Spanish and Cuban food at the Columbia Restaurant, and browsing the shops on St. George St. in the historic district.  Once AK had her fill of shops and the stroller, we headed out to the beach to introduce her to sand and surf.  Anna Kathryn had a great time playing in the sand and discovering the waves and water.  She quickly became a fan of beach life!

The ground feels kinda funny... but I like it.  

Checking out the water

C'mon in -- the water's fine!

Time for a beach stroll

Heading into the ocean again... and again...

One, two, three, whee!!

Checking out the sand-- Anna Kathryn also discovered how much fun it is to fling it

Hanging out with Daddy

We can't wait to go back!

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