Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Conversation

On the way to day care this AM:
Me:  "It's mocha day, Anna Kathryn! We're going to meet Maggie and Allison after I pick you up from school."  
(Mocha Day, FYI, is our once-a-week outing to enjoy some girl talk and shopping at out local Star*bucks & Tar*get.  We started weekly mochas when Allison was home with Maggie on maternity leave, as a way to help her avoid cabin fever,  and this is Year 4 of the tradition.)
AK:  "All-ah?  (Asking if Allison would be at mochas.) Hoo-ray!"
Me:  "That's right."
AK: "Hooray!  Mah-mah?"  (Maggie)
Me:  "That's right."
AK:   "Hoo-ray!  Mommy?
Me:  "That's right."
AK:  Sucks Bobo.  No hooray whatsoever.  


Kristi said...

Cute stuff ~ and if it makes you feel any better, Ky has the same reaction about me sometimes too!
If I still lived in your town I would totally be crashing your Mocha Day from time to time...

a Tonggu Momma said...

Can I crash your coffee hour? It would entail moving though...