Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I wish I could quit you, grad school

I just spent waaaaay too many hours of my weekend and have stayed up much too late tonight finishing a totally mediocre paper for the MLS degree I hope to get before I am 87 years old.  

Ugh. I loathe homework.  That's one reason I became a school library media coordinator, which is why I am slogging through graduate school.  Which is called irony, I believe.  

On the other hand, BIG congratulations to my husband who just received his diploma for his Master's degree the other day!  (He refused to go to graduation so they finally just mailed it to him.  No matter, it's the real deal and he earned every bit of it.)

I'm so jealous!  And proud!!!


Kristi said...

My hat is off to you and any others who manage to be a mom, work full time, AND take grad school classes! Good luck!

David,Lois,Austin, Darrell & Leila said...

Kimberly, you WILL get there - hang there. And a GREAT BIG CONGRATS to Mark!!!

The Gang's Momma said...

Congrats Mark - that is awesome news.

And Kimberly, KUDOS to you too. Being a full time wife, mom, employee AND student canNOT be easy. I admire your drive and dedication. Hang in there!