Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Wasn't Expecting to Do This on an Ordinary Sunday Afternoon

First:  I'm over the plague!  Finally.  And feeling much better, thank you.   Other than still not really being able to taste most food, for some reason.  Which I doubt contributed to my 3 pound loss at WW this week (yay!!  At last, I am a loser), since I still manage to eat plenty, but hey, if I can eat Cook-Out, Chick-Fil-A, and Brusters Ice Cream and still lose weight, I'll take it!!

And now for the BIG news.   Look at my new wheels (!):

I have a new Hyundai Santa Fe.  It's Slate Blue and very pretty, easy to drive, and so much bigger than the sweet little Honda Civic I've driven for almost 9 years.  I'm still getting used to driving up high, instead of low to the ground.  And I am still a little in shock that we bought a (gasp!) SUV.  Yes, I know how ridiculous gas prices are these days.  But my Honda has had major problems over the last few months.  Due to a number of things, we had sunk a lot of money into car repairs and we weren't done yet.   Both of our cars are aging, and we knew that someday soon we'd need to replace at least one.  Plus, we wanted a bigger car to hold more gear, and someday a car seat.    Mark wasn't overly crazy about getting a minivan, so we decided to look at a small, reasonably gas-efficient SUV.   

On Sunday after church we decided to just go and browse the cars at the dealership.  Mark and I test drove this one, and we agreed that it was a great car.  The dealership gave us a good deal on the trade, and the monthly payments fit in our budget.  Suddenly, we were on the verge of buying a new car.  So-- yesterday-- we signed the paperwork, and drove it home.  I loved my little Honda so much, but I miss it less and less as I drive my new toy.  (Somehow it has already become my car even though we both bought it.)

From this:

To this:  

BTW...  Does anyone know how to rotate pictures on Blogger?  

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Anonymous said...

Ooh - congrats on your new wheels! You will LOVE driving up high. There's just something special about finally being able to see for a short girl. Believe me, I know! Yay, you! :) Jane